Limbaugh: “Don't tell me the Democrats are not responsible for” the congressional baseball practice shooting

Rush Limbaugh: “Don't tell me the Democrats are not responsible for it. They have created the mindset. They've created these monsters out there”

From the June 19 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): If you're an average Democrat voter loyal to all this, could you be blamed for believing that the election was stolen from you by Trump and Putin, and the only thing that has to happen is proof? But it's there, because your people are telling you it's there, and we've got all these investigations, even though we haven't found any proof in over a year, and even though there isn't any proof, because it didn't happen. But try telling them that. 

So, as nothing happens, as they are told that Trump stole the election, that Trump profited from the election, that Trump has secret bank accounts all over the world, in the Caymans, in the Cook Islands, that he's got a bunch of shell corporations and he's getting rich off being president, and so is Ivanka, so is Jared, so are his kids, if you're told this every day, and then you're told that they've got the goods, “we're going to get Trump, he's going to be impeached, we've got the independent counsel now, it's only a matter of time.” But nothing changes, nothing happens, the only thing that happens is more criticism. Meanwhile, Trump's there every day, and he's having meetings, and he's traveling around going to Saudi Arabia summit, he's meeting with NATO, he just cancelled climate change, can you -- the cumulative psychological effect on these people like [the congressional baseball practice shooter], don't tell me the Democrats are not responsible for it. They have created the mindset. They've created these monsters out there. And all for what purpose? Because the Democrats refuse to get in the arena of ideas and debate those. They refuse because they can't win. And to see how lacking those ideas are, just listen to the insane ramblings of [the congressional baseball practice shooter]. Just look at the things that he talks about. Just look at the class warfare, the class envy, the things that he believes. It's fringe, crazy. But he believed it, because that's what he's been told. The Democrats, therefore, can't take that stuff into the arena of ideas, they'd be snookered. So what they have to do is destroy the credibility, the integrity, the honesty, the reputations of every one of their opponents, and that's what they do. That is what they're doing now to Trump.


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