Limbaugh Distances Himself After Trump Calls For A Ban On Muslim Entry Into U.S.

Rush Limbaugh: “I've Never Said Anything Like Anything Donald Trump Says”

Rush Limbaugh claimed that he has “never said anything like anything Donald Trump says,” after the GOP frontrunner's call for a ban on Muslim entry to the U.S. In the past Limbaugh has bragged that he and Trump say “similar things” about immigration and he has spent months defending Trump's incendiary statements, including his debunked claim that “thousands of Muslims” cheered the 9/11 attacks in New Jersey, and his proposal for a national database of American Muslims. In November, Limbaugh appeared on Fox News to heap praise on the candidate. From the December 8 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: Trump has direct access to his voters, his supporters, the American people. Trump has direct access to people around the world. I've got the Trump stack of outrage today, it's comical. It's predictable, it's sameness. United States, around the world, even I, El Rushbo, am blamed for it on the BBC. If you can believe that, yeah, I'm responsible, you know why? Because I have been saying this, kind of twenty-five years or more, Trump is just picking up where I left off, according to the BBC. Meanwhile, I've never said anything like anything Trump says. But despite it all, they can't take him out. They can't stop covering him, they can't humiliate him, they can't embarrass him, they can't diminish his support. They're powerless, and this has them in a panic.