Limbaugh Defends Ben Carson's West Point Fabrication By Criticizing Obama And Hillary Clinton

Limbaugh: “If We Want To Start Talking About Whoppers, It's Always Fascinating How The Only People Who Ever Get Called On It And Accused Of It Are Republicans”

From the November 6 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: Folks, it's not -- what are we dealing with here? It's not like he doesn't remember what happened on the night of Benghazi. It's not like Ben Carson has lied about any number of things from the cost of health care premiums. Like, Obama again just rejected the Keystone pipeline and told a couple of big whoppers. 


If we want start talking about whoppers, it's always fascinating how the only people who ever get called on it and accused of it are Republicans. Has the media ever gone through Obama's books and tracked down his assertions? 'Cause, I mean, there are some whoppers. See, the alternative media has done that. The conservative media has tracked down Obama's assertions, many of them. And how about the idea that Obama literally made up boyfriends and girlfriends and so forth and then combined various people into one fictitious character? And I remember the media praising that as a brilliant literary creation.


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