Limbaugh Decries Transgender Equality Movement Because The Transgender Community “Is So Small You Can't Even Assign It A Number”

From the October 1 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: And what do we get from the White House?

“The White House is reaching out to the transgender community for a list of things that its members want as they follow their lifestyle choices.”

Well it's obvious here ladies and gentlemen this White House has its priorities in order.

“The initiative was launched with the help of White House Chief Data Scientist DJ Patil, who expressed concern that there is very little data of what the transgender community needs from the government.”

Why does the transgender community need anything from the government? Why does anybody need, like this? Places to pee?

“Patil helped launched the initiative in order to quantify the desires from the transgender community so that the federal government could reach out with assistance.”

Now you have to ask yourself something here. What percentage of the population is transgender? Anybody want to take a wild guess? Just a stab in the dark at this? I think it is so small you can't even assign it a number. You can't even assign it one-tenth of one percent, it's that tiny. So what's going on here? 


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