Limbaugh Criticizes Fox News For Giving Impression “That Rubio Had One Hell Of A Night” On Super Tuesday

Rush Limbaugh: “If You Didn't Know Vote Totals, If All You Heard Was Analysis” You Would Think “That Rubio Is On Such A Roll”

From the March 2 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): This looks daunting. But if you allow yourself to get lost in the drive-by coverage, you could actually end up being convinced the thing is whisper close, it's nip-and-tuck out there, and that Rubio is on such a roll, he's just moments away from winning this thing. I mean that -- if you watched Fox News last night, if you turned over to CNN, depending on the time and who the guests were, you could -- and if you didn't know anything that happened, you could have concluded that Rubio had one hell of a night last night. If you didn't know vote totals, if all you heard was analysis, because everybody's got their horse in the race and nobody wants their horse to lose, everybody wants everybody to think their horse is still in this with a viable, legitimate chance, and that nothing's over here. That's why you have to trust your instincts.


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