Limbaugh Claims We Already Have Museums For Women -- “They Are Called Malls”

Rush Excuses His Remark As “Satire”: “I Could Have Said Brothel But I Didn't”

From the March 19 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' Rush Limbaugh Show:

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LIMBAUGH: House Republicans plan to vote later this year on legislation promoting the construction of, wait for it, a National Women's History Museum. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, his office is the source of this. The move lends enormous momentum to the years long push to establish a memorial to women's history near the National Mall, a proposal that has lingerie'd, I'm sorry, lingered in Congress for nearly two decades without ever reaching the President's desk. There isn't going to be a National Men's -- see what you don't, all those war museums and memorials, those are museums to men, we've left the women out, that's right. 


LIMBAUGH: We already have, ladies and gentlemen, I don't know how many museums for women all over the country, they are called malls. I told you we had to get lighter. See this is what, “Rush you were doing so good and you had to go do that and now every, my friends were listening and you said that and everything you've said about foreign policy you just ruined it by having to say that a mall is no different from a women's museum. I had my friends listening and you go, you just had to ruin the whole show that you did today by doing that.” Satire, parody anyone? Actually, you know what this is? If I may veer back to, pandering, it's this war on women business. Hey, I could have said brothel but I didn't. It's pandering, it's this war on women business. 


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