Limbaugh Claims He Hasn't “Spoken In Favor Of Impeachment” Just Weeks After Saying Obama “Needs To Be Impeached”


Just weeks after saying President Obama “needs to be impeached,” Rush Limbaugh now claims to have never “spoken in favor of impeachment.”

On the July 15 edition of CNN's CNN Tonight, senior Washington correspondent Joe Johns highlighted Rush Limbaugh's attacks against President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, likening his “combative tone” to Sarah Palin's call for impeachment

Limbaugh responded on the July 16 edition of his radio show, insisting that the news segment unfairly lumped him in to an extreme group, saying “I haven't spoken in favor of impeachment,” and “I never talked about [Obama] being born in Kenya”:

But on June 24, Limbaugh said that Obama “needs to be impeached” for “using the IRS to damage his political opponents.”

Rush has also used his show to highlight absurd right-wing myths about Obama being born in Kenya.