Limbaugh To Caller: “You're A Woman And You Like The Super Bowl? Or Is That When Your Husband Beats You?”

From the December 14 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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Note: This interview was cut off by breaking news of the elementary school shooting in Connecticut


CALLER: Hi, Rush, it's a pleasure. I have two things I wanted to say. Snerdley wants me to get to the first one first, and the second one is an analogy with my daughter about punishing the successful. But the first part is, I want this Super Bowl to be on Saturday instead of Sunday.

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Wait a minute -- you're a woman and you like the Super Bowl? Or is that when your husband beats you?

CALLER: Well, my husband is a Steelers fan, so the Super Bowl's really only important when the Steelers are in it, but we always have a party.


CALLER: The party goes late. Monday --

LIMBAGH: And you got to go to work on Monday.

CALLER: And everybody kind of lives far away, and they're drinking, and it would just be so much easier --


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