Limbaugh Blames “Extremely Radical” African-American Studies Professors For Student Protests

From the November 9 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: My point is this. When you teach how rotten America is, when you teach at the university level -- and at the [inaudible] level -- when you teach students how racist the country is, how unfair, how unjust, how immoral. When you have black studies courses and professors who are so extremely radical that you don't even recognize them, what do you expect to happen after a few years? You expect to just teach these students that America's horrible, that it's racist, that they don't have a chance? That the white man so dominates it, is so unfair, there is such white privilege that they don't have a prayer? They don't have a -- you think they're just going to sit there and listen to it, and then leave campus and cause trouble? No. At some point they're going to realize -- “Hey, wait a minute, this campus is the same place as what they're telling me is outside.” And they are going to get mobilized and they're going to find their agitators who are adults -- like in Ferguson and so forth. And they're going to try to take over the universities too. After all this is what they have been taught. The thing is the rabble rousers are supposed to wait until they get out of school -- or maybe even graduate -- and then take all of this misbehavior outside the campus to other parts of the American society and culture. But they're not supposed to be doing this on campus. No, no, no, no. We're not the kind of people we've been teaching you about. But I guess, it's not working. That's why part of me, kind of smiling over this.


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