Limbaugh Attacks Pope Francis' Praise Of Dorothy Day During Congressional Address

Rush Limbaugh: Pope Francis Praised “A Noted, Radical, Anti-Capitalist... And They Want To Canonize This Babe”

From the September 24 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: So [Pope Francis] cites for praise a noted, radical, anti-capitalist. And he's not political -- Rush you're just misjudging this, you don't, you shouldn't worry about the pope on that regard. Dorothy Day, as it turns out, advocated the Catholic economic theory of distributionism, or distributism. In the 1930s, she worked closely with fellow activist Peter Maurin to establish the Catholic Worker Movement, a pacifist movement that continues to combine direct aid for the poor and homeless with nonviolent direct action on their behalf. She founded a newspaper, the Catholic Worker, in 1931 and served as its editor from 19-- and they want to canonize this babe. They want to canonize her, and she's noted for her anti-capitalist statements, ripping apart the capitalist structure of the United States. And here comes Pope Francis, mentioning her for praise in his speech today.


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