Limbaugh Attacks Biden For Praising American Resilience In Face Of Terrorism

Rush Limbaugh is criticizing Vice President Joe Biden for praising Americans for their resilience in the face of terrorism after the tragic Boston marathon bombings.

Speaking at Time magazine's 100 gala, Biden stated:

If the purpose of terror is to instill fear, you saw none of that in Boston ... [T]he only way terrorism wins is if we change our way of life, if we yield ... Our message to terrorists is you cannot break us, you can't change us. We will never yield. We will not be intimidated.

During his April 24 radio broadcast, Limbaugh attacked Biden for these comments, calling them “typical Biden” and wondering if the vice president was drunk. Limbaugh suggested that Biden's praise was misplaced because police put Boston and surrounding communities on lockdown during the manhunt for suspected bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev:

LIMBAUGH:  Was the vice president a little overindulgent in adult beverages or was he joking? ... We watched a major American metropolitan area of more than one million people on lockdown. A million people were told to stay home from work, stay home from school. To shelter in place. Do not go outside. Boston's subways, buses, cabs, even Amtrak service was halted. They cancelled a Bruins game. They cancelled a Red Sox game. I saw a lot of lives change. What was Biden watching? They shut down an entire city! They had the - these two terrorists had the city fathers telling everybody, 'Don't go outside. Stay in there - Don't you dare go outside. Don't answer the door. Stay right -' They had people cowering in fear in the corners of their own homes. And the vice president says, 'The only way terrorism wins is if we change our way of life, if we yield. And we didn't yield. And we didn't change our way of life. And they didn't break us. And they didn't change us. And they can't, and we will never yield.' What was he watching? I saw a lot of lives being changed.