Limbaugh Asks “Why Doesn't Planned Parenthood Get Blamed” For Shooting Attack At Colorado Clinic

Rush Limbaugh: If “The Shooter Starts Running Around Talking About No More Body Parts, Who Is It That's Dealing In Body Parts?”

From the December 2 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: I know, I know, the staff is all worried now because they think I'm going to get roasted here for blaming the victim with my simple innocent question: why doesn't Planned Parenthood get blamed? Before you go off the deep end on that may I remind you a couple things. After 9/11 what was one of the most frequent questions you heard in the drive-by media? I'll tell you what it was. What did we do to make them so mad that they felt they had to do this to us? Do you remember the State Department convened a -- I don't know what -- a forum, a panel, some such thing -- they had a bunch of experts to come in to examine what it is we had done to make the hijackers on 9/11 so mad. In other words the left in this country immediately sought to assign blame to the United States for the terror attack on 9/11. And they did not hesitate to do this. It didn't take until the next day for this question to start reverberating all over the country. What did we do to cause it? So I'm simply trying to learn the way the left thinks about these things and incorporate it here into the way I do my program. Barack Obama blames this country for stuff that happens here and he runs around world and apologizes for it. OK, so if Planned Parenthood had this incident and the shooter starts running around talking about no more body parts, who is it that's dealing in body parts? If the left were being consistent they would ask themselves what have we done to make people so mad at us?


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