Limbaugh Adds A Hillary Clinton Twist To His Petraeus-Benghazi Conspiracy Theory

Rush: Clinton's Email Server Existed To Hide Information From Obama After White House Exposed Petraeus' Affair

From the March 11 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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LIMBAUGH: Just a refresher, we had a caller in the first hour, who thought that Hillary with this private server business trying to set up the Republicans, trying to rope-a-dope them in to demanding it, demanding it. There's got to be stuff on Benghazi in there, there's got to be all kinds of incriminating stuff, and the Republicans are going to demand to see it, and when they get it, it falls flat and they look embarrassed. That's what the caller thought, and I said no, I think if anything's going on here it's Obama and Connie said bingo, that's what it is.

And she's right, Petraeus, I hate to be repetitive, we talked about this yesterday, but Obama named Petraeus as secretary of defense and as CIA director, and while he was in one of those or maybe both those positions he was having a biography written about him, he ended up having an affair with the woman who was writing the biography, and the way he communicated with the mistress was via the drafts folder in the common Gmail account. They never sent each other emails, there was never an email trail to follow. They both would log into a common Gmail account, probably hers, and each message they wanted to send, they would compose it but not send it, they would save it as a draft. And then when they would log in, they would go to the draft folder they would each find the latest email from the other and that's how they would communicate. 

And the regime obviously knew about this, and kept it in reserve for the moment they needed it. And the moment came when Petraeus refused to go out and spout the company line on Benghazi, and that's when we all found out that Petraeus was having an affair with the biographer. And that led to Petraeus copping a plea to avoid a trial. He went from the pinnacle of the greatest reputation in America down to common criminal, could've been going to court, all because the regime knew what was going on in that drafts folder, and knew he was having- he was down and dirty in there, in the drafts folder. And they knew about this. And so Mrs. Clinton knew that they knew, because she was secretary of state when they sent Petraeus out there to spout the company line and refused to do it. Plus she knew Obama [inaudible]. So that server is to keep things from Obama. 


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