Limbaugh: Activists Think Voter ID Laws Are Racist Because When Black People Try To Get IDs They End Up In Jail For Their “Crimes”

From the July 29 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): In two states in the past two weeks, voter ID laws have been overturned by appeals courts. All they were were laws requiring, you have to have a photo ID to vote because people are trying to get rid of voter fraud because the Democrats have dead people vote, children vote, people who don't even exist vote. Empty buses pull up to the polling place, ghosts get out. End up voting. So the people say, “OK well we're going to try to get rid of the fraud, we're going to have voter ID.” The left: “You can't. That's racism.” Racism? How the hell is that racism? Well because you're causing black people to go down to the state courthouse. You just want them to get arrested and get put in jail. What? What in the world are you thinking? That's exactly right. You think we all ought to be in jail, and you want us to go down to the courthouse, and you want us to get our picture taken, and when we're there, they're going to find out we committed some kind of crime and put us in jail. That's what Jesse Jackson tells them. That's what Al Sharpton tells them. 


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