Is Howard Kurtz really this oblivious?

From Kurtz' online discussion today:

Washington, D.C.: Howard,

A few years ago, a random Internet user posted a video linking Bush to Hitler in an ad contest on The ad was quickly removed when it was located.

This was followed by a week's worth of coverage and calls for apologies by almost the entire conservative movement and the media.

You even wrote an entire article about it that was in the dead tree version.

Last week, Rush Limbaugh made an even more direct comparison of our president to Nazis.

Why do you think the media, including The Washington Post has not had the same level of outrage, call for apologies, and asking politicians to distance themselves?


Howard Kurtz: I don't know. Rush did it twice, comparing Obama's governing style to that of Hitler and saying the health care reform logo resembled a Nazi swastika (I asked White House spokeswoman Linda Douglass about the latter comment on my CNN program yesterday.) Maybe Limbaugh has said so many controversial things in the past six months that the left no longer feels the need to challenge each one.

The left isn't challenging Limbaugh's comments? Oh, really? The White House criticized the comments. How can Howard Kurtz, whose job is jobs are to cover the media, not know that the White House press secretary has criticized the nation's most-listened-to radio host for making comparisons to Nazis? Isn't that stunning ignorance of what's going on in his beat something that should concern Kurtz's Post bosses?

Kurtz, by the way, never mentioned Limbaugh's comments in the Post. Maybe he's still embarrassed about calling Limbaugh “mainstream” a few years ago.