Home Depot reportedly claims it doesn't “support” Limbaugh's show -- but here's the audio

Last week, Media Matters reported on companies and organizations that have run ads in recent weeks on the hate- and conspiracy theory-filled programs of Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs, and Rush Limbaugh despite appearing on a 2006 list of advertisers that reportedly didn't want their ads broadcast during Air America programs.

One of these companies is the Home Depot. As we reported, Home Depot has recently advertised on Limbaugh's show.

Media Matters has now received multiple emails from readers who say that they contacted Home Depot and received a reply asserting that Home Depot doesn't “support the Rush Limbaugh radio show.” Here's the text of one such email:

Dear ********,

Thank you for contacting The Home Depot Customer Care.

We appreciate you taking the time to forward your concerns.

In reference to your e-mail, we would like to inform you that the Home Depot do not support the Rush Limbaugh radio show.

We look forward to your continued patronage and assisting you with all of your home improvement needs.



Customer Care Research Team

Media Matters has the audio of a Home Depot ad that aired on New York's WABC-AM during the July 3 Rush Limbaugh Show at 12:49 p.m. ET.

Reader tips contributed to this post. Thanks, and keep them coming!