On Fox News Sunday, Rush Limbaugh Fawns Over Donald Trump And Ted Cruz

Limbaugh: “Donald Trump Is, I Think, Doing A Great Service,” And Ted Cruz Is “Brilliant, Just Absolutely Brilliant”

From the November 22 edition of Fox Broadcasting Co.'s Fox News Sunday:

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CHRIS WALLACE (HOST): Let's do a lightning round get your quick reactions to some of the people running, I know you'd like this --

RUSH LIMBAUGH: A lightning round!

WALLACE: -- Running for president in 2016. First of all, Donald Trump.

LIMBAUGH: Donald Trump is, I think, doing a great service. He is showing that you do not have to fear attacks from the media -- Republicans do not have to fear from attacks from the media. He's showing you do not have to fear being politically correct or violating political correctness.

WALLACE: Ben Carson.

LIMBAUGH: One of the most decent human beings in this country. One of the finest men. I've met him. The things that he's done, places he's come from, he's just one of the most decent human beings that I've ever met and I cringe when I see that they are trying to destroy him. OK, next name.

WALLACE: Equipped to be president?

LIMBAUGH: Ben Carson equipped to be president? Probably not at this stage, but any of these Republicans running would be better than Hillary or better than anything that we've got now. So based on that comparison, yes, I'd vote for him if it was up to him and Hillary. Absolutely, without a doubt.

WALLACE: Ted Cruz.

LIMBAUGH: Brilliant, just absolutely brilliant. And conservative through and through. Trustworthy, strong, confident, leader, and somebody in whom you can totally depend.

WALLACE: Jeb Bush?

LIMBAUGH: Jeb Bush, I don't think he really wants to do this. I'm watching, and I just -- I don't see passion. I don't see fire. It's though -- it's as though people in his camp want him to do it because they want to get back in power. I don't see Jeb with all that energy that says, “I need this. The country needs me. I can't wait to do this.” I just don't see any of that.


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