Dick Morris To Rush Limbaugh: “Stop Losing The Elections For Us”

In the latest edition of his daily video commentary, Dick Morris pleaded with Rush Limbaugh to “stop losing the elections” for Republicans by opposing efforts to reform immigration.

Morris, formerly of Fox News, backs the current bipartisan proposal to reform the immigration system, pitching it to his conservative viewers as a good way to eat into the Democratic Party's success with Latino voters. 

Discussing the proposal's “path to citizenship” Morris notes, “it delays the path to citizenship by a good, long time which gives the Republican Party a long time to deal with the Latino vote.”

Directly addressing Limbaugh's opposition to the proposal, Morris asks him, “What is your alternative?”

Morris goes on to implore Limbaugh to “stop losing the elections for us” by “insisting on some objective standard of purity” on the issue. Instead, Morris tells Limbaugh to focus on “what's practical” in order to “focus on the changes that are taking place in the country, and deal with them.”

Limbaugh, who has become increasingly toxic to talk radio and the conservative movement, said in January that “it's up to me and Fox News” to stop immigration reform.