Conservatives express outrage over Reid slavery remarks -- yet routinely claim progressives enslaving America

Conservative media figures have attacked Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's (D-NV) remarks linking slavery to Republican opposition to health care reform legislation, but have routinely attacked progressives and the Obama administration for creating “slavery” and enslaving the public.

Conservatives express outrage over Reid remarks

Fox's Bolling: “Were you shocked as I was when I heard him?” On the December 7 edition of Fox News' Your World, guest host Eric Bolling -- who also frequently guest hosts for Glenn Beck -- asked Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson (TX): "[W]ere you shocked as I was when I heard him compare -- if you were against health care, you may actually be in favor of slavery?" Bolling later asked if Reid's comments were an indication of “desperation” about health care reform. Reid “took his GOP-blasting rhetoric to a new level Monday.” In a December 7 article, wrote that Reid “took his GOP-blasting rhetoric to a new level Monday, comparing Republicans who oppose health care reform to lawmakers who clung to the institution of slavery more than a century ago.”

Limbaugh: “This is outrageous.” On his radio show, Rush Limbaugh said that Reid's remarks were “outrageous, because Harry Reid knows the Republican Party was born in the fight against slavery.” Limbaugh added that Reid's remarks are an indication of what Democrats have “been reduced to.”

Malkin: Reid “playing the race card.” In a December 7 post, Michelle Malkin wrote that Reid was playing the race card in his remarks, adding: “I'm sure Nevadans appreciate being likened to slavemasters, too.”

Conservatives frequently accuse Obama administration, progressives of creating “slavery”

For instance: