Canada Free Press Editor Promoted By Limbaugh Also Suggested Mafia Is Behind 9-11

On his September 30 radio show, Rush Limbaugh approvingly read a column from the website Canada Free Press in which the writer, Judi McLeod, claimed that President Obama -- whom she identified as “Barry Soetoro” -- was considering suspending the 2012 elections because “only suspended elections would guarantee his re-election.” Limbaugh said he found McLeod's claim's “fascinating,” adding, “You don't think these people would suspend elections if they could get away with it?”

So, who is Judi McLeod, editor and owner of Canada Free Press, who claims that her work “has appeared on Rush Limbaugh,, Drudge Report,, and Glenn Beck”? Turns out she's a hard-core birther who has also suggested that the Mafia was behind the 9-11 attacks.

McLeod stated in her Limbaugh-endorsed column that “Obama and his masters already pulled the biggest scam on any country in modern times by making it to the White House without legitimate I.D.” That's just the beginning of McLeod's Obama derangement:

  • She asserted that “The ice cream-licking, golf club-swinging pictures of Barack Obama dominating the late summer media are straight out of Saul Alinsky rules,” adding, “To the street person, Obama's tactics are called 'rubbing it in.'” McLeod concluded her column by writing, “Obama hates you because you are something he never was and shall never be: an American.”
  • She has asked, “Was Obama sending a subliminal message to millions of America's illegal aliens with his Hope & Change slogan?”
  • She wrote of Michelle Obama: “Like so many held-back tears, pity indeed that Obama can't hold back some of the hatred she fosters for the country that enabled her to a life of privilege, including traveling the world.”
  • She asserted that birthers like herself “should more accurately be called 'The Verifiers.'”
  • She wrote of Obama: “Even the most powerful man on earth must know that keeping his lifetime documents locked away from the public is akin to getting completely rid of a bloodstain left in a crime scene.”
  • She called Obama “a nobody from nowhere,” adding, “The worst part of being a despot or dictator is their own certain mortality. Evil, no matter how potent, passes with evil dictators when they go. And like the people whose lives they are so intensely trying to rearrange, Barack and Michelle will some day be no more.”
  • She apparently bought into the conspiracy theory that Bill Ayers is actually the author of Obama's book Dreams From My Father, declaring that Obama “does not exist on paper. At best he's only the proponent of a ghost-written book.”

McLeod co-wrote a 2005 column headlined “9/11 and the mob” (later deleted from the Canada Free Press website but preserved at the Internet Archive), which spun a bizarre conspiracy theory about the Mafia being involved in the 9/11 attacks because the brokerage firm Cantor Fitzgerald “introduced the first hand-held device that allows for wireless gambling in casinos in Britain” and some of its employees had been arrested for alleged involvement in a gambling ring. The column later asks:

A redux conclusion: It is even possible that this is not mob related?

If this is mob, did the mob know of the impending attack on 9/11? The terrorist-piloted plane hit Cantor Fitzgerald directly -- one floor below where they were located. This would be the worst possible spot because the flames would go up and engulf everything. Could this really be only sheer coincidence? No suicide jockey flying a plane for the first time coincidentally hit right where the mob knew they would hit.

When it's not bashing Obama, Canada Free Press also dabbles in climate change misinformation. In January, it published a column by right-wing-favored climate skeptic Tim Ball that attacked the credentials of a climate scientist with whom he disagreed. Canada Free Press was forced to retract the column and issue an apology for Ball's “untrue and disparaging statements,” adding, “We entirely accept that he has a well-deserved international reputation as a climate scientist and that Dr. Ball's attack on his credentials is unjustified.” That scientist has since sued Ball for libel.

Limbaugh, however, is not the only person promoting Canada Free Press content in the past few days. On the October 2 edition of Fox News' America's News HQ, Fox contributor Deneen Borelli asserted that “in 2009 alone, it's estimated that [the Obamas] spent $10 million on personal entertainment” -- a claim that comes straight from a Canada Free Press article, which cites no evidence to back it up.