Beck to headline 2010 CPAC gathering, cementing right-wing media hold on conservative movement

Last year it was radio host Rush Limbaugh keynoting CPAC, the annual gather of right-wingers in our nation's capital. This year the honor goes to Fox News' Glenn Beck.

That should put to rest any doubts that right-wing media figures own the conservative movement and by extension the Republican Party.

Politico's Michael Calderone reported yesterday that Beck said of his selection, “CPAC is my kind of people.” An astute observation to be sure given the wing-nuttery on display at CPAC gatherings in years past:

What is unclear however is where Beck came up with the following notion: “CPAC is, I think they're as angry at the Republicans as I am.”

If that is true, someone really needs to tell CPAC. Here is just a sampling of the GOP big-wigs past and present invited to speak at this year's conference (from the conference website):

Former Republican Senator and Bush-era Attorney General John Ashcroft, former Bush-era Ambassador John Bolton, Republican Senator John Barrasso, Republican Senator Tom Coburn, Republican Senator Jim DeMint, Republican former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Republican Governor Bobby Jindal, Republican Governor-elect Bob McDonnell, Republican Congressman Ron Paul, Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty, Republican Governor Rick Perry, former Republican Governor Mitt Romney, Republican Senate candidate Marco Rubio and former Republican Senator Rick Santorum.

Some may have expected newly minted Fox News contributor and half-term former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to take the role as keynote rather than Beck. Well, apparently CPAC doesn't pay its speakers unlike the National Tea Party Convention.