American Thinker Decries Stamps Adorned With “Blacks No One Has Ever Heard Of”

For Americans who get their history primarily through postage stamps, a startling trend has emerged recently: stamps have become “childish, silly, and racist.”

That's the concern of American Thinker writer Alan Fraser, who reports that while “for years we would use stamps with the figures of Lincoln, FDR, Washington represented,” a “5 minute cruise of the USPS website shows that these kinds of men have been erased.”

What has taken their place? According to Fraser, “Polar bears, lots of women and blacks no one has ever heard of.”

Take it away, Alan:

There's Julia de Burgos (who?), Mother Teresa (an Albanian saint), Oscar Micheaux (a black guy I never heard of), Kate Smith, Katharine Hepburn, Love, Pansies in a Basket, the Year of the Rabbit (Forever, a Navajo necklace, Anna Julia Cooper (a black woman I never heard of), Adopt a Shelter Pet, Butterfly, Tiffany lamps, Chinese bracelets, Kwanzaa, Mary Lasker (who?), Richard Wright (another black guy), playing cards, balloons, daisies, cherries, all the NFL Teams, Hollywood personalities, the Simpsons, and don't guessed it...the all-important-never-thing-that-one-cannot-know-too-much-about...wait for it... Negro Baseball Leagues.

Oh, and there is a stamp of the U.S flag and one of the Liberty Bell as well as one of Reagan and a white cartoonist.

That's it. Oh, and there's also some kind of Muslim stamp. No stamp that reminds us of September 11th, nothing of the landing at Normandy (everyone's including even Hollywood's favorite war), none of our aircraft carriers or the fighter jets of today, no Eisenhower, Grant (who liberated more black Americans than any black man ever did), Audie Murphy, Thomas Edison, George Patton, Lewis and Clark, or Chesty Puller.

It's almost as though a law had been enacted to prevent the intelligent representation of American History through its postage stamps.

OK, then.

And before you dismiss American Thinker as merely a collection of fringe conservatives complaining about accidentally learning something about black people from their postage stamps, keep in mind that it remains an influential conservative website.

Rush Limbaugh regularly cites articles from the Thinker on his radio show, and even promoted their conspiracy alleging Obama secretly skipped his daughter's soccer game last year to do unsavory, unspecified things while the press wasn't looking. Limbaugh has said [subscription required] that it is “one of my favorite and most thoughtful blogs.”