Alex Jones: Trump told me I’m going to be “the next Rush Limbaugh”

From the January 9 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

ALEX JONES (HOST): They also spun it that, “Oh, Trump is on vacation all the time, he said he wouldn't go on vacation all the time like Obama.” And they say he has this executive time until 11 in the morning and that all of that is spent watching television because a few tweets of him watching live TV have gone out. So because there’s a few tweets that go out a week of him watching something live, that means during that three hours every day of executive time, he's only watching television. When I've talked to people that are in the White House and I've heard about what the president does, and I've experienced it myself -- he gets up at about seven in the morning, spends about an hour to himself, goes in, eats breakfast, watches television, then gets briefings, then reads a bunch of documents, and then, in between things, he will turn the audio back on, unmute the television, and watch a section, see what they're saying, and then multitask, and he does that as a way to be able to work up to 18 hours a day. He cycles through it.

He also has them bring him stacks of news, in what he calls the clips, on an iPad. And they would come in and show him viral videos, or what the internet was saying, or what his fans were saying. He calls them the clips. Every time I've talked to him he's like, “I really like watching you in the clips. You know, you're going to be the next Rush Limbaugh. Boy, I wish they had more stuff like you covered on mainstream TV, but I like you in the clips.” He's a 71-year-old guy, he calls it the clips.


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