After Colorado Shooting, Limbaugh Guest Host Pushes Smear That Planned Parenthood Is Trafficking Fetal Body Parts

From the November 30 edition of Premier Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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MARK BELLING: Planned Parenthood's defenders are saying that this attack is a result of, and you'll hear these two words every time they bring up the topic now, “the incendiary rhetoric.” The incendiary rhetoric of the pro-lifers and the Republican Party. Because some of us have criticized Planned Parenthood after seeing videos that showed that in violation of the law, they're out there trafficking in the body parts of aborted fetuses. And because they've been criticized for that, somehow that means that anyone who has been critical of them is responsible for what this guy out in Colorado did. He apparently was a loner who lived in North Carolina, moved out to Colorado, has apparently had issues for some time. But this is our fault. If you take a stand now against Planned Parenthood, the blood from this attack is on your hands. It's the same as what's going on in American college campuses, they're just trying to shut us up, use whatever they can to say that those people who are on the right can't talk.


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