GOP debate streaming partner Rumble placed RNC ads on numerous pro-Hitler videos

The RNC’s ads are promoting tonight’s debate that will be exclusively livestreamed on Rumble

Rumble has been placing ads for the Republican National Committee on pro-Hitler and neo-Nazi videos on its streaming site ahead of the Republican presidential debate tonight. The existence of those virulently antisemitic videos are further confirmation of how the Republicans’ debate partner has trafficked in extreme and toxic content for profit. 

The RNC chose Rumble as its livestreaming partner in April, with RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel stating that “people deserve a fair, unbiased platform and that’s exactly what this partnership will provide.” (Conservatives have spent years promoting dubious claims about being unfairly censored by various platforms.)

Rumble was founded as a “free speech” alternative to YouTube. The publicly traded platform, as Media Matters has documented, features violent threats, far-right conspiracy theories, and bigotry against LGBTQ people.

Rumble is also a cesspool of antisemitism and pro-Nazi propaganda. 

Europa: The Last Battle is a pro-Hitler and neo-Nazi film. The ADL wrote that it “is an antisemitic, World War II revisionist film released in 2017 that claims Jews deliberately caused both World Wars--and that Hitler was only trying to save Germany from the Jews — as part of a plot to found the nation of Israel. The film is popular with white supremacists and antisemites, who often use it to recruit new individuals into their hateful ideology.” 

Rumble hosts the film, despite claiming that it “has strict policies that ban … antisemitism.” Media Matters found advertising for the Republican National Committee on a page for the film: 

Rumble: Europa the Last Battle ad for RNC

Here are other examples of RNC advertising appearing on other Europa: The Last Battle video pages: 

Rumble ad for Europa: The Last Battle 2
Rumble ad for Europa: The Last Battle 3

We also found an ad promoting Rumble’s debate coverage. 

The film Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told is a similarly pro-Nazi film. Rumble hosts it on its platform. Its description page states: “It also reveals a personal side of Adolf Hitler: who he was, his family background, his artwork and struggles in Vienna and what motivated him to come to power. There’s so much hidden history to recount; FDR Pearl Harbor conspiracy, Soviet brutality, betrayal and treachery on all sides. Do we really know the true cost of war? Do we really possess all the facts?” 

Here is an RNC ad on a page for that video: 

Rumble Hitler story RNC ad

We also found an ad for the National Republican Senatorial Committee: 

Rumble Hitler story NRSC ad

Media Matters has heavily documented the intersection between the Republican Party and antisemitic media.