Fox News' Tulsi Gabbard grovels for vice president nomination during interview with Donald Trump Jr.

Gabbard: “I’d be honored to actually be in a position to help President Trump execute his policies”

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Citation From the March 11, 2024, edition of Triggered with Donald Trump Jr., streamed on Rumble

DONALD TRUMP JR. (HOST): I think you're probably changing people's minds, you know, in real time.

I'm just following the chat along, and a lot of people are saying, you know, "I really like her, but can I trust her?" Again, you know, and again, it's only because of the bifurcated nature of politics these days.

I mean, my first political fundraiser ever was for Andrew Cuomo because I was a real estate developer from New York City, and the attorney general literally signs off on every offering plan that you do. If you're gonna sell a building, the attorney general signs off on it. That's what he was running for. You know? So I did that.

So -- and I understand, you know, as a lifetime conservative, you can change those responses. But, you know, what's your response to that?

And if you get a call about vice president, something I've also seen a bunch here, and actually, for the last few weeks, how are you responding to that call?

TULSI GABBARD (GUEST): I'd be honored, I'd be honored to serve my country in that way.

I'd be honored to actually be in a position to help President Trump execute his policies, bringing -- bringing the experience that I have had of being on the front lines of many of these battles and actually understanding what we're up against.

And so whether you're talking about securing the border, reducing inflation, improving our economy, stopping these Democrats or -- and establishment Republicans -- stopping these warmongers from continuing to push us closer and closer to war, not just in one country, but in multiple regions across the world.

These are things if I had the opportunity and privilege of being able to serve and support President Trump in actually executing these policies, I'd be honored to do so.

TRUMP JR.: What's your prediction for 2024 right now?

GABBARD: You know, I'm encouraged to see the polls showing that president Trump is leading President Biden in many of these key states, but I think it is critical, it is critical that no one be complacent.

And and this is frankly why I -- I'm going out, and I've got this book is to be able to tell the American people the truth, the lessons and the experiences that I've had and that I've learned along the way, telling them the truth about the Democrat elite and how they are intent on destroying our country.

They are intent on undermining our fundamental freedoms enshrined in the Constitution, and that they're willing to do this brazenly in broad daylight because they only care about power.

TRUMP JR.: Yeah.

GABBARD: Now to all of the folks who are are leaving comments or those who may be watching this and who are questioning and who may wonder, "Hey, can I trust her?" Or "How do we know that you really believe in what you're saying?"

Well, you can read the book, but I'll tell you, I believe in what I'm saying because I love our country. I wouldn't be here saying it if it wasn't true, if I didn't care deeply about what was going on in this country right now.