Donald Trump Jr. suggests the Baltimore bridge collapse could have been a terrorist attack

Trump Jr.: “Like all conspiracy theories, they turn out to be right, you know, in the future”

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Citation From the March 28, 2024, edition of Rumble's Triggered with Donald Trump Jr.

DONALD TRUMP JR. (HOST): Bridge was attacked? I read an article -- I don't know if it's true -- or I read a tweet, like, you know, "There's two minutes conveniently missing from the black box on the boat." And like again, I don't want to be the guy rushing out and saying it was a terrorist attack or a cyber hacking, but, like, man, you watch that video in, like, you know, sped up, it's like -- there's the power outage and there's the first correction and it's like, well, its not quite perfect on the mantle, so there's another power outage. And it ends up being perfect to hit the thing dead square. And I mean, that's critical infrastructure.

Like, I don't know about you guys, but I mean, any diesel mechanics watching right now? But, you know, I don't know much, but I know, you know, that these big diesel engines are, let's just call it, like, really fucking reliable. And it seems odd that one would go out -- they could go out, just conveniently, and, you know, also conveniently within a couple hundred yards of a critical infrastructure bridge that's there for -- bridge supporting hazardous waste in one of our biggest port areas in the country. Like, I don't know folks.

I'm not going to go and say it because then they'll say, "Don Jr.'s being a conspiracy theorist." But like all conspiracy theories, they turn out to be right, you know, in the future. So I will let other people come out. But I honestly don't -- the bigger thing is this: if it was an attack, I don't believe they'd tell us. I don't believe that Joe Biden or the Democrats and this administration would tell us that it's an attack. I believe that they would sweep that under the rug, because, man, that would be damning if one of these foreign adversaries started taking out our critical infrastructure with cyberattacks on his watch, given all his other failures, in an election year.

Like -- so, it doesn't take a genius to come to the conclusion that it was probably something. I just don't believe in that much coincidence anymore. No one should. If you've paid any attention whatsoever over the last, you know, few years, you shouldn't believe that this isn't the most plausible outcome.

I'm not going to say that ahead of it, but I am -- I will say it with a straight face that if it was a terror attack -- and again, I don't know if that's true that the black box is missing two minutes, that would not shock me at all, like, again, see everything I've said for the last minute or two. But it would totally not shock me that this thing would be swept under the rug, that we'll never hear what actually happened, or that they would lie about it, and no one's going to know. Like, that to me, is far more plausible than anything. So even if it is a terror attack, I don't see anyone actually ever actually telling us that for sure.