Benny Johnson calls for Pete Buttigieg to be impeached

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Citation From the January 11, 2023, edition of The Benny Show, posted to Rumble

BENNY JOHNSON (HOST): Someone who chops nothing, does no work at all, and is utterly undeserving of his position and probably should be in line for impeachment with Secretary Mayorkas is Pete Buttigieg. Pete Buttigieg, his Transportation Secretary position, well, not going great. All flights have been grounded in America this morning, even though it's, like, pretty nice weather – it's, like, beautiful morning here in Florida. Why? Well, because the FAA had a system failure. Sounds awesome. Definitely a Chinese hack, by the way. Probably the same Chinese agents that paid for -- paid to Google documents inside of the Biden Center. Definitely put malware inside of the FAA system.