Rudy Giuliani: The Presidential Debate Commission should be abolished if it doesn't agree to Trump's request for a 4th debate

Giuliani also suggested the commission is helping Joe Biden hide a secret illness

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Citation From the August 6, 2020, edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): Mr. Mayor, everybody said -- Joe Biden said and Jill Biden said that he plans on debating. So right now, if we go on September 29th with week one, for debate one, 16 states will have already have started voting. If we wait for the vice presidential debate, you'll have 20 million Americans in 24 states have already voted. If we wait for the last debate, 29 states have already started voting, that's 35 million people have no idea what these men are like head-to-head on the issues that will affect all of our lives. This is not a hard one. This should not be political. This is logical. 

RUDY GIULIANI (ATTORNEY FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP): I think if they don't do it, it really ruins the whole rationale for this commission. They really have to go. What about the right to know? You mentioned all those percentages, Brian. Those people have a right to know. And why are we having these debates? We're having these debates to inform the electorate. We might as well have them after the election. I mean, this is like sticking to a rationale that's 30 years old that has no application to today. And it undercuts the entire mission of the commission. That usually means, you know, unless they can figure out how to become modern, they should really get out of this business, or Congress should take them [inaudible].

AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): Tell us more about this commission, because it seems like common sense to most Americans. You have the debates before you pass out ballots.

GIULIANI: Well there's only one reason you wouldn't do this. You wouldn't do this because you think one candidate has a real chance of making a total idiot out of himself in the debates. And the American people may actually find out that he has an illness, which is being hidden by corrupt Democratic --

EARHARDT: But the commission is not biased, right?

GIULIANI: Oh, I don't know. I don't know. But let's find out if they're biased. If they're not biased, they can't possibly want to deprive 16%, 30%, 50% of the American people of the information they need to vote. Right?