Rudy Giuliani melts down about the suspension of his law license, alleges vast “conspiracy” against him and Trump

Rudy Giuliani meltdown after his law license was suspended, 6/24/21

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Citation From the June 24, 2021, edition of Rudy Giuliani's program on WABC

RUDY GIULIANI (HOST): Now, many of you know me for a long time, including when I was U.S. attorney and mayor from -- of New York City and a candidate for president and a surrogate for John McCain, and on and on and on -- and Donald Trump, of course. And have I ever really ran from the press, or hidden, or been in a basement, or been unwilling to answer questions? I think even the reporters who covered me when I was mayor would say that I was totally available and not afraid to answer anything.

Well, the -- the appellate whatever division of the court, in a state that is a one-party state, New York is a one-party Democrat state, which is always very, very dangerous. That's what -- that's what you have in places like, you know, China, Venezuela. You have one-party states. And I mean, they issued an opinion that could have been written by the Democrat National Committee or by CNN. They basically have suspended my practicing law, which I've done for 50 years without a single complaint, where I've prosecuted some of the most dangerous criminals, where I've had my life threatened several times in what I was doing. I think I have rendered significant service to this country. Most people will tell you that I had the most effective record in getting rid of the mafia. I think many people will tell you I was the best mayor in their lifetime and made this city safe, and I also think people will tell you that I have a reputation for being blunt, honest, and transparent, which is why I don't run away and I answer questions.

So, this opinion from these five judges -- and I don't know, we'll have to find out if they're all Democrats, but they're all part of a city that is considered, you know, a Democrat -- Democrat-owned city, with its degree of corruption and everything else that goes along with that, right. So, we've got these five judges, I'm guessing they're all Democrats. It really doesn't matter because they didn't act like judges. They suspended me, and they wrote a lot of stuff. So, you would think this would be like evidence, right? Isn't that what judges do, evidence? No, no, no, no. These are things that come from newspapers. CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times. What -- OK, it's called hearsay. Also, I think maybe we have to acknowledge that those are biased sources. They have not allowed me to answer a single thing. They haven't allowed me to speak. They haven't questioned me.

And they say that the things they have here are uncontroverted. Of course they're uncontroverted, I haven't had a chance to controvert them. Deliberately, they have stopped me from being able to controvert it, and my lawyers don't want me to talk about the case. So, I'm being accused of all these things, all of which I know are untrue, all of which I can prove are untrue with anywhere from one to 10 affidavits sitting in my apartment, or videotapes. And I can't say anything. I have a question. Is this America? Where are we living? I -- you know, I read books about Soviet Union, and I read books about East Germany. This is what happens there. They make a whole bunch of allegations against you, they say they're true, they say they're uncontroverted, and you don't get a chance to speak. You don't get a chance to speak in court, and then everybody around you says, “Well, you can't speak outside of the court because you might get the court mad." Court mad -- what are they going to do, execute me? I've been -- I've been a lawyer for 50 years or more. You can't find a single allegation against me. You can't find a single thing against me. So, at most, the allegation -- I'm a first-time offender.

They have stopped me from acting as a lawyer because I am a danger to the public. I'm a danger to the public? The only thing that happened is January 6. The statements they're complaining about came after January 6, so I don't know -- what, are they retrospectively create January 6? And what the heck did I have to do with January 6? Nothing. I didn't even know about it until I was there. The speech that I gave was perfectly harmless. The one statement that they use, they completely misconstrue. It was about trial by combat. Very clearly at the beginning of that, and to the end of that, I said between the two machines, one of ours and one of theirs, between the two machines -- and The New York Times, which they rely on, and CNN and -- deliberately leave that out. And they either deliberately leave it out, or were too lazy to read the whole thing because they know their decision from the time it started.

Do you need any more proof that we have a double standard? I mean, we've got an attorney general in this state who got elected saying, “I'm going to get Donald Trump." Who the heck ever elects an attorney general to get somebody? I don't care if it's Donald Trump or anyone else. But what that shows is such unethical behavior, such dishonest behavior. The investigation of Donald Trump and the investigation of me is an investigation in search of a crime, and they are very frustrated because they can't find one. Now, they can always find liars. But I'm going to tell you unequivocally, I did not commit any crimes, or anything close to crime. I defended my client, and I defended my client in a way in which the Bar Association should give me an award. I defended an unpopular client. I've been threatened with death for it. I've had a good deal of my income taken away. I have lost friends over it. And isn't that what a -- isn't that what a lawyer is supposed to do? How about the lawyers who represent terrorists? They become heroes, because it's unpopular to do it. Well, it's unpopular in this city to represent Donald Trump. Judges will give you phony decisions like this if you represent Donald Trump. And don't tell me anything about how this is -- this is not even close to a fair decision.

I went to law school. Nobody ever taught me you make decisions based on CNN and MSNBC, or I have to pretend they're fair and objective. I mean, only in a country with two standards of justice can this happen, and as long as we have two standards of justice, we don't have America anymore. This isn't just about me, it's about what they're doing all throughout the country. From the beginning of the pandemic, you can see what the Democrat Party is doing. This decision probably could have happened in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, really -- not Pennsylvania, basically in the crooked Democrat cities, or Chicago, it's been in the hands of Democrats for 50 years. I mean, we went into the Philadelphia court with a case in which we said we're being denied access. And the judge said, “Well, the ruling -- the law only says you can be present." Yeah, but we have to be present in order to observe, that's the way it's been interpreted for 100 years. He said, “That's OK, you can be present, but you're going to be 30 feet away so you can't see anything." Then we went up to the appellate court, got it reversed. Went back with former Attorney General Bondi, and the sheriff wouldn't execute the court's order because it's corrupt Philadelphia. They own the court, they own the sheriffs. This decision is absurd. I mean, unbelievable.

“These are uncontroverted facts," yeah, uncontroverted facts when you muzzle the guy who's the subject of -- he's not allowed to speak. I wasn't allowed to bring my thousand files, or my Indian woman who was taught how to cheat by the Detroit Democrat Party, or my three witnesses who watched 100,000 ballots brought in the back at 3 in the morning, or the ones who witnessed 520,000 votes counted, of which Biden got 99%, and Trump one. You tell me how that can happen. Now, maybe all that's untrue, I don't know. I have said nothing that isn't backed up by affidavits, statements, witnesses. I have not been given the opportunity anywhere, any place to demonstrate that, just like we were never given the opportunity to call a single witness about election fraud in any court in the United States.

We had to do it in front of legislatures, and now, believe me, this is happening to shut me up, because they know what's going to happen in Arizona, they know what's going to happen in Georgia, and there are a couple of other places I can't talk about, and they want Giuliani quiet, because from the very beginning, I figured out their game. I even figured out the conspiracy. Doesn't happen the same way in six different states. Exactly the same way, exactly the same plan, exactly the same pens, putting the Republicans 30, 40 feet away and treating them like cattle doesn't happen, you know, a thousand miles separated from each other if it isn't planned in advance. And that's what a legitimate prosecutor calls a conspiracy. No one's investigated that.

And as for January 6, there were no shots fired on January 6. Oh, I'm sorry. That was a shot fired, one -- by a police officer whose identity is being covered up, of a woman who was unarmed, and was being held in the air. And she was shot, unarmed. When are they ever covered up? Things like that, of course, have caused riots. We don't know who the police officer is. We don't have an explanation of it. We've got to have at least some explanation as to why this unarmed woman was shot, when it certainly didn't look like she was presenting mortal danger to anybody. But no, no, we don't look at that. Instead, we got these other people in solitary confinement, and they didn't shoot a gun, the cop did. This big insurrection was an insurrection where not a shot was fired.

Don't you see what it is? Don't you see what they're doing? Don't you see how sad it is for this country? When courts become part of it. This decision is a disgrace. It's an embarrassment, and it bodes very poorly for justice in New York. It demonstrates that there's one standard of justice for Democrats, and one for Republicans. No one searched Gov. [Andrew] Cuomo's house, right? No one's taken away his practice of law. I don't know how many allegations there are against him -- more than me. I have no idea if they're true or not, nor does anyone have any idea whether they're true about me. I don't want him proceeded against, because he's presumed innocent. Well, damn it, so am I. And until we get that straight, we've got a crooked country and a crooked state -- particularly New York, Chicago, Detroit. These cities stink to high heaven because they've been controlled by one party for too long, and it always leads to massive corruption.