Rudy Giuliani and OAN's Chanel Rion say that Fox News' Shokin claims are the same as what they did in Ukraine in 2019

The trip by Giuliani to Ukraine led to Trump's first impeachment trial

As Matt Gertz pointed out earlier today, Fox News is indeed running with Rudy Giuliani's propaganda operation from 2019, as laid out in the first impeachment trial of then-president, Donald Trump. You can find more information debunking the claims about Shokin by Giuliani, Rion, and Fox News here.

Chanel Rion on WABC's Chat with the Mayor, "Fox taking credit for all of this, trying to say that this is all breaking news. It's not breaking news."

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Citation From the August 28, 2023, edition of WABC's Chat with the Mayor

RUDY GIULIANI (HOST) Chanel accompanied me – and I accompanied her – when we made our somewhat secret trip to Ukraine. And then she did a four-part documentary.


GIULIANI: So here's why I wanted to put you on. I mean, our friend, [Viktor] Shokin, is getting a lot of attention, but I'm feeling a little neglected, and you should too. We told his whole story three years ago, Chanel. 

CHANEL RION (GUEST): We absolutely did. When I called you up and you started telling me about Shokin. And I said, you know what? Let's go find him. So we did. We hopped on a plane. We went overseas. I was the only American journalist and OAN is the only news outlet that actually took the trouble to try and find –

GIULIANI: You’re damn right. Nobody cared. Nobody cared.

RION:  And here's the thing. Fox taking credit for all of this, trying to say that this is all breaking news. It's not breaking news. We did in fact break this story four years ago in 2019. And It's fine. It's not about getting the credit. It's about doing what's right with the information as we receive it. And we had this information four years ago when Viktor Shokin, the prosecutor general of Ukraine, told the world that he was wrongfully terminated from his job because he was getting too close to Hunter Biden, and Devon Archer, and Joe Biden's money source. He told us that.

And the lesson that we should learn here is the fact that the establishment is trying to step up here, trying to take credit for it. Keep in mind that it’s the establishment, no matter what category we're talking about, the establishment is never on the front lines of the battlefield, ever.

It's always the little guy who's taking the slings and arrows and the bullets at the front line.

GIULIANI: Absolutely right.

RION: The establishment is never to be found on the front lines of the battle. Now who is going to be the first to claim victory when there is victory to be claimed? The establishment. So, of course, you have Fox coming in here, you know, four years late saying they're breaking the story and they're claiming this big hurrah. It’s ridiculous.