After being called a “prophet,” Rudy Giuliani says he feels “a great deal of responsibility as a result of it, and to try to fulfill it”

Host Steve Shultz: “It's like God's seeing you in a higher plane than maybe you would even see yourself.”

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Citation From the May 24, 2024, edition of Elijah Streams' Prophets and Patriots, streamed on Rumble

CLAY CLARK (GUEST): I didn't tell Kim Clement to give this prophecy, but God has called America's Mayor for such a time as this. And I encourage everybody to put your prayers behind, and really put your prayers out there for Mayor Giuliani today. And as you're watching this clip, just know that God has called a Mayor Giuliani for such a time as this.


KIM CLEMENT: Do you hear the sound of the trumpet? Do you hear the sound of the trumpet? Blow the trumpet in Zion, for I shall arise in Zion, says the Lord. Go! And during that time, great prophets shall arise from the Earth, and they shall stand and reveal. These are not prophets that are necessarily in the religious organizations, but prophets like I chose, Netanyahu, Rudy Giuliani.

Oh, you may mock him, but I made him a watchman in this country. The hatred for this nation has increased, but I will not allow ISIS to take the young men of this nation, whom I have planned to be my spokesman, and use them, says the Lord. I shall send my prophet to Israel when they vote and God says there shall be a change, and many will weep. But I will take Netanyahu, whether ruler or not, and they shall call to him. For he is not just a king, he is a prophet.

Therefore tremble when peace treaties begin. Well God says at that point you shall know that I look from my heavens and that which has kept me back shall begin to be fulfilled. All the words of the prophets that have been spoken through the centuries shall be fulfilled and shall be begin to be fulfilled quickly.



STEVE SHULTZ (HOST): He was a dear friend of mine, and boy, when Kim prophesied, you listened. You listened. Amazing.

CLARK: I just will say that is just wild. I mean, that is, that gives you god plumps or goosebumps. Mayor, I wanted to get your reaction to that. Again, you're a guy who — you've always kept your faith. I've watched you like a hawk, by the way. I was in an arena. I was a small speck in the Bank of Oklahoma Center many years ago when you came and spoke in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and I was a small speck in that crowd, and you've always kept your faith private, sir. How do you react to seeing that prophecy mentioning you by name?

RUDY GIULIANI (GUEST): I'm very humbled by it and feel a great deal of responsibility as a result of it, and to try to fulfill it. I mean, the reality is that I believe that this country has turned a corner and is, in many ways, already ensconced in Marxism and communism. We've driven God out. We've driven out free speech. We've driven out fairness in the justice system. Not much left after that. It is true we have states like Florida and that are free states. But in those Democratic states, and particularly in the crooked cities, you might as well be back in Soviet times. People don't have rights anymore.


I am very honored if I'm part of restoring the greatest country on Earth to what it should be.

SHULTZ: Well, it's interesting in that prophecy, because I had seen others, but I hadn't seen this. But you are right. He only mentions two names, you and Netanyahu. I thought, what an interesting mix. Because I've heard him call Netanyahu a prophet before, but I think it might have been on a different recording. But the two of you connected has to be on purpose from God. I'm just really curious. It's like God's seeing you in a higher plane than maybe you would even see yourself.

GIULIANI: Yeah, probably.