Trump confidant Roger Stone says alleged bombing suspect is a patsy

From the October 24 edition of Genesis Communications Network's The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): But look at the timing. Look at the preprogramming. We've been predicting this was coming. This is incredibly synthetic, Roger.

ROGER STONE: Well, and this guy looks to me like he's set up by a patsy. Let me note that as far as I understand, he is in the custody right now of Broward County Democratic Sheriff Scott Israel, who was somewhat controversial earlier this year in his advocacy of taking away our Second Amendment rights.

JONES: And they are the same ones that admittedly stood down and let happen what happened, and -- oh isn't it funny, everything magically happens in that trusted county.

STONE: It is very ironic.


But it is undisputed that the operation was bungled at Parkland school, where we had these tragic shootings. This is a partisan elected Democrat who I actually know, and the reputed bomber, the alleged bomber is in his custody. I'd like to know more about who made the arrest --

JONES: Exactly. Who had the tip, and who found this van that's all perfect and brand new with all these perfect stickers on it. Wow, I hadn't put two and two together Roger: Broward County, the leftist stand-down sheriff, that's where you live.


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