Trump Ally Roger Stone’s War Against RNC Head Reince Priebus: “Penis F*ck-Up,” “RINO,” “Should Be Prosecuted”

Longtime Trump confidant and adviser Roger Stone has regularly attacked RNC chairman Reince Priebus, labeling him a corrupt “douchebag” and calling for him to be “prosecuted.” Media outlets have been reporting on strained ties between the Republican National Committee and Donald Trump’s struggling presidential campaign.

BuzzFeed recently reported that “Some are advising that the Republican National Committee, which is running its planned robust field operation, cut off money to the Trump campaign and focus on other races — something that an RNC staffer acknowledged to BuzzFeed News could be a possibility.”

Politico also reported that “Priebus has been working aggressively to coach Trump into being a more disciplined candidate” and “has warned that if Trump does not better heed this persistent advice to avoid dustups driven by his rhetoric, the RNC might not be able to help him as much — suggesting that money and ground resources might be diverted.”

Politico added that “Within the Trump campaign, there has been suspicion for months that the RNC already has not been as supportive of its nominee as it could — and should — be, according to operatives in and around the campaign.”

Roger Stone, one of Trump’s longest-tenured allies and advisers, has been perhaps the harshest critic of Priebus in the nominee’s orbit. Stone heads a pro-Trump super PAC after working for the campaign last year. He regularly meets with Trump and his senior staff, and is a former business partner of campaign head Paul Manafort. Stone has repeatedly demonstrated that he has Trump’s ear on strategy.

Stone for years has attacked Priebus as corrupt, a “loser,” a “douchebag,” a Republican In Name Only, and a “f*ck up.” He also habitually refers to Priebus as “Reince Penis.” Here are some of Stone’s attacks against Priebus over the years on his Twitter account: