Trump Ally Roger Stone Won't Apologize For “Black Beans And Rice” Slur

Stone Says “Fat Negro” Tweet About Roland Martin Was “A Two Martini Tweet. And I Regret That” 

From the June 6 edition of WBUR’s On Point with Tom Ashbrook:

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TOM ASHBROOK (HOST): Don’t we have to have some level of mutual respect to keep this project going? You famously have tweeted after CNN anchors and guests, they’re “moron,” “retarded,” called them “stupid negro,” “fat negro.” Even in your own expression, that seems outside the realm of openness to unity that surely we need.

ROGER STONE: Well I would have to admit that calling Roland Martin a fat negro, that was a two Martini tweet. And I regret that. I really do. I think it was inappropriate and I’m sorry I did it. As for my criticism of Ana Navarro of CNN as being unqualified for her job having never actually elected anybody or ever actually worked on a campaign  --

ASHBROOK: “Black beans and rice didn't miss her”? That sounds like a slur on ethnicity. 

STONE: Well, why else is she there? It's not on the basis of experience or expertise, so maybe to put it more delicately, you'd call it casting, but I don't understand why she's there given her lack of qualifications. 

Stone had tweeted of Navarro: 


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