Trump Ally Roger Stone: Ohio GOP Gov. John Kasich Will Likely Rig Voting Machines For Clinton

From an August 21 speech by Roger Stone:

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ROGER STONE: This race is going to be close and down to the wire. I expect that either she will remain very slightly ahead through most of the polling, largely because most of the public pollsters oversample Democrats. Or the lead will seesaw back and forth but always remain in range. That's why I believe there's a high probability that between voting illegal immigrants -- voter fraud -- and rigging the machines in states where they can do so -- when I say “they,” the Clintons -- or where Republican establishment allies of theirs will rig the machines. No, I'm sorry, I don't trust John Kasich to conduct an honest [inaudible] in Ohio. I don't. And there's substantial evidence that Ohio was stolen from John Kerry for George Bush.

Some of you may remember in this last presidential election when Karl Rove was on Fox and he had a meltdown, insisting that the numbers on Ohio on the big screen had to be wrong -- had to be wrong. “Romney’s going to carry Ohio, they have to be wrong.” Why was he so sure? Because he thought the machines were rigged. That’s why. Because he rigged them for George W. Bush. That’s why.


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