Trump Ally Roger Stone: Khizr Khan Wants To “Initiate Sharia Law,” Which “Oppresses Women, Oppresses Gays, Kills Christians”

From the August 1 edition of WNYM’s The John Gambling Show:

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ROGER STONE: Mr. Khan is being used to attack Donald Trump, but his son’s tragic death is being used as a shield. If you look at Mr. Khan’s background, he is an advocate for Sharia. Sharia Law oppresses women, oppresses gays, kills Christians. This is a violent, oppressive ideology, which Mr. Khan very clearly shares. He is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood. He is tied to the same sect of the Muslim Brotherhood as [Clinton aide] Huma Abedin. I’m suggesting that he has an agenda. And Trump is absolutely right when he points out the mother had little to say while the father is an advocate of Sharia, the law under which women have little to say. So Trump is actually correct here


FRANK MORANO (GUEST HOST): Shame on the Clinton campaign and DNC for using them in this way. And it’s all of a sudden, Trump’s the one who’s un-American for questioning it? I thought it was a perfectly legitimate question.

STONE: Yeah, well the point of course is that Mr. Khan is not just an advocate. He’s written very extensively and worked very hard to initiate Sharia law.


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