Trump Ally Roger Stone: It “Would Not Surprise Me” If Hillary Clinton Is A Cocaine Addict

From the November 1 edition of Deagle Network’s NutriMedical Report:

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TIM ALEXANDER (GUEST CO-HOST): Roger, are you aware that Dr. Bill [Deagle] and I broke the story based on the comments of Sally Miller, former Miss Arkansas and one of Bill’s longtime mistresses that Hillary Clinton was a cocaine addict as well?

ROGER STONE: That would not surprise me. Cocaine runs throughout this entire Clinton history and Bill and his brother Roger were heavy, heavy users.


ALEXANDER: Sally Miller told us that Bill told her that when he and Hillary would get in a fight it was usually over the fact that their cocaine was almost out and who was going to get the last of it.

STONE: Nothing would surprise me about these wanton criminals.


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