Trump Ally Roger Stone: “I’m Banned At Fox Because I Kick Their Ass”

The Smear Merchant Is Now Banned By All Three Major Cable News Networks

Longtime Donald Trump adviser Roger Stone’s outrageous rhetoric, smears, and conspiracy theories are apparently too much for even Trump-supporting Fox News. Stone claims Fox News has “banned” him from appearing as a guest on the network.

Stone has a decades-long history of employing political smears, and he regularly spouts violent, racist, and sexist rhetoric, including calling Hillary Clinton a “cunt” and advocating that she be executed for treason. He’s also a discredited researcher who claims the Clintons and Bushes secretly murdered dozens, President Lyndon Johnson killed President John F. Kennedy, and the Democrats are attempting to steal the election from the Republican nominee through rigged voting machines. In August, Stone claimed the Clintons had murdered four people in previous weeks.

CNN and MSNBC have both confirmed that they have banned Stone from their airwaves because of his offensive comments. Stone has lashed out the networks for the bans and blamed Media Matters for causing them.

Media Matters documented in late February that Stone had launched disgusting attacks against various Fox personalities. He called Fox News contributor Allen West an “arrogant know-it-all negro,” mocked contributor Charles Krauthammer -- who was paralyzed in a diving accident when he was in medical school -- by telling him to “stand the fuck up,” suggested he wants “to bash Bill O'Reilly's head in,” called contributor Herman Cain “Mandingo,” and said anchor Megyn Kelly has a “nice set of cans.”

Stone used to be a frequent guest on Fox News and Fox Business but his regular appearances seem to have waned and then stopped following Media Matters’ reporting. A Nexis search of available Fox transcripts found that Stone’s last appearance was on the April 4 edition of Fox Business’ Mornings with Maria. A search of the TV News Archive at did not return any Stone appearances on Fox News or Fox Business since April.

Stone confirmed during an October 4 speech that he has been blacklisted by Fox News, telling the audience: “I’m banned at CNN. I’m banned at MSNBC. I’m banned at Fox because I kick their ass. That’s why they don’t let me on.”

He complained earlier in the speech that “Fox is gone, folks. Fox is no longer a conservative media outlet. It’s been taken over by the globalists. Rupert Murdoch’s made his deal.” He added: “Roger Ailes was a patriot. Now he’s been smeared. That was a coup d'etat. They got the last American out of there. Now we've got a bunch of globalists. I should say American nationalists -- out of there. Now we've got a bunch of globalists. There's a few patriots: Sean Hannity, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Judge Jeanine.”

Friend and far-right radio host Alex Jones said while interviewing Stone on August 23 that Fox had banned Stone and he also blamed Media Matters, stating: “We know they say he should be banned on Fox, and he hasn’t been on since then.”

While Stone no longer appears on the three main cable news networks, he’s still a fixture on radio shows like The Alex Jones Show and in conservative outlets like and The Daily Caller. Outlets such as The New York Times, C-SPAN, and The Hill also quote or feature Stone without giving adequate context to his toxic history.

Despite Stone’s absence, Fox News is still the go-to place for pro-Trump activism. The network has repeatedly smeared Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and defended Trump. Host Sean Hannity has become one of Trump’s biggest cheerleaders. And in recent months, Trump has virtually avoided interviews on the broadcast networks and other cable news channels in favor of Fox News softballs.