Trump Ally Roger Stone: “Fox Is No Longer A Conservative Media Outlet. It’s Been Taken Over By The Globalists”

Stone: Bill O’Reilly’s Books Are “Shit”

From an October 4 speech by Roger Stone:

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ROGER STONE: Brit Hume of Fox today got caught reading verbatim the talking points of Media Matters for America. Brit, time to resign. You must resign. You’ve embarrassed yourself. Fox is gone, folks. Fox is no longer a conservative media outlet. It’s been taken over by the globalists. Rupert Murdoch’s made his deal.


And it’s very sad. Roger Ailes was a patriot. Now he’s been smeared. That was a coup d'etat. They got the last American out of there. Now we've got a bunch of globalists. I should say American nationalists -- out of there. Now we've got a bunch of globalists. There's a few patriots: Sean Hannity, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Judge Jeanine. 


I think his [Bill O’Reilly’s] heart's in the right place, but in all honesty, his book on the Kennedy assassination and his book on the Reagan assassination -- those books are, if I may coin a word, shit.


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