Trump Ally Roger Stone: Clinton Was “Hopped Up On Drugs” And Used A Secret “Minor Teleprompter” During The Debates

From the October 24 edition of WIOD’s Fernand Amandi Show:

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FERNAND AMANDI: Was there anything that suggested to you as some folks in the Trump campaign were implying about Hillary Clinton’s health, the state of her medical condition. She seemed to have gotten through all three of those [debates] without a problem. Are you willing to suggest now that she’s not in as bad a place as some folks in the Trump campaign suggested?

ROGER STONE: No, actually I think they had her hopped up on drugs for all three debates. Let me ask you a question though. Why in the final debate did we use a different camera lens for Hillary than Trump? Why did we use a softer lens? Why did the network do that? Or is that media bias?


STONE: Why was she allowed to cheat on her podium using essentially a minor teleprompter? I mean the cheating in this campaign has been unlike anything I’ve seen in nine campaigns.


STONE: And it’s why, if she should won, the country will remain bitterly divided and her ability to govern will be almost nonexistent. In fact, I go a step further. Her ability to appear in public anyplace in the country without a massive protest, unlike other previous newly elected presidents, will be something to behold.

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