Trump Adviser Roger Stone: CIA Director John Brennan Is A “Saudi Mole”

Longtime Donald Trump adviser Roger Stone claimed that CIA Director John Brennan is a “mole” for the Saudi government and suggested that he be thrown in jail.

Stone is a longtime friend and ally of President-elect Trump’s with a decades-long history of employing political dirty tricks, and he regularly spouts violent, racist, and sexist rhetoric. Stone is a fixture on Alex Jones' program and has partnered with him to promote Trump.

Stone guest-hosted the fourth hour of Jones’ January 4 program, where he said that Brennan is the “progenitor of” the claims that the Russian government influenced the 2016 presidential election and that Brennan “is a mole, a Saudi mole.”

ROGER STONE: It’s kind of interesting to me that the number one progenitor of this theory is CIA Director John Brennan. Brennan is a man who refused to be sworn in using the Bible, who has converted to Wahhabism, who has spent a substantial amount of time in that region, who personally cleansed the passport files of Barack Obama when he was preparing to run for a second term, and, quite frankly, if you believe my friend Wayne Madsen, and I do, is a mole, a Saudi mole. That is who is advocating and pushing the entire false narrative that the Russians have somehow hacked this election.

Stone added later in the program that the country needs “a complete housecleaning and an entirely new beginning among our intelligence services.” He then advocated for appointing Fox News host Jeanine Pirro as FBI director and a new CIA director to replace Brennan.

Stone previously suggested in a December 17 tweet that Brennan should be jailed for his actions. He wrote:

Alex Jones and Infowars have repeatedly pushed conspiracy theories claiming that people within the CIA are “planning to assassinate” or “overthrow” Trump and that the agency is “thinking about bringing in outside mercenaries or other agencies” in order to do that. Jones -- a founding member of the 9/11 conspiracy movement -- has said he’s talked on the phone with Trump, who appeared on Jones' show and also thanked his audience for supporting his campaign.

Trump has repeatedly cast doubt on the intelligence agencies he will soon take over as president and recently sided with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange over the U.S. intelligence community.