Trump Adviser Roger Stone Attacks Ted Cruz’s Wife: “She’s Like The Stepford Wife. I Don’t Know If She’s On Drugs Or What”

From the September 25 edition of WBEN’s Hardline:

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As the San Antonio Express-News noted, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) recently endorsed Donald Trump for president and “Cruz also said Trump hasn’t apologized for insults to the senator’s wife and father that incensed the senator, but that the three decided to forgive him anyway.”

ROGER STONE: If you want a leading indicator that Trump is going to win, Ted Cruz's endorsement after Cruz knifed Trump in the back at the national convention shows that even that weasel has figured out that Trump is going to win.


Look, this guy is a Wall Street, globalist, Bush-creation posing as a conservative. His wife -- I don’t know, she’s like the Stepford wife. I don’t know if she’s on drugs or what. She kind of floats through these events. The whole thing is very odd. I think it was Carl Paladino who was watching one of their campaign videos and said to me, “Did you see the body language in the family picture? This guy’s wife and his kids hate him.” I went and looked and you know what? Carl was exactly right.


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