Top Adviser Roger Stone Continues Attack On Trump’s Nevada Campaign: “I Don’t Think They Know What They’re Doing”

From the November 8 edition of BBC Essex’s Dave Monk:

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DAVE MONK (HOST): You’ve said that he’s, at one stage, he ran one of the worst campaigns in the history of Nevada, didn’t you? Is that why you left advising him?

ROGER STONE: Well he is not a polished career politician and he doesn’t have years of experience at campaign politics and sadly nobody around him today does either. The context here is that Nevada and New Hampshire are two states that he must have to get to 270. I just don’t have any confidence in his campaign people in Nevada. I don’t think they know what they’re doing. They put out a notification that the polls were open this morning four hours after the polls opened. They put out a notification for early voting on the last day of early voting.


Top Trump Ally Roger Stone: Trump “Has Run One Of The Worst Campaigns In Modern Political History” In Nevada

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