Roger Stone Suggests Someone In The Trump Campaign Might Have Leaked His Tax Docs To The Times

Stone: "There’s A Lot Of ... In-Fighting And Jockeying Inside The Current Trump Campaign”

From the October 4 edition of Boston Herald Radio’s Boston Herald Drive:

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JOHN SAPOCHETTI (CO-HOST): Any theory on who leaked these taxes to The New York Times?

ROGER STONE: Somebody who worked at The Trump Organization, perhaps. Or perhaps a former employee. But I would just be speculating.


ADRIANA COHEN (CO-HOST): Do you believe it could have been someone in The Trump Organization got a hold of that information?

STONE: Well there’s a lot of fighting and I would say in-fighting and jockeying inside the current Trump campaign. It’s not nearly as smoothly operating as it was during the time that Paul Manafort, a true professional, was running things.


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