Roger Stone: Seth Rich’s parents are engaging in “suspicious” behavior and Trump needs to order “a real investigation” of his death

From the May 20 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s Stone Cold Truth:

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ROGER STONE (HOST): You have a number of interesting factors here. First of all, there’s the change in the story of Seth Rich’s parents. Initially they themselves denied that this was a robbery. Now suddenly they’re being represented by a crisis communications consultant paid for by the Democratic National Committee. To say the least that is suspicious.

You have the private detective who has come forward and said that his sources in the D.C. Metropolitan Police tell him that the laptop which was utilized by Mr. Rich shows multiple contacts with WikiLeaks. You have Fox now reporting that over 40,000 documents were sent from Rich to WikiLeaks. When I raised this with Michael Isikoff in an interview on, Yahoo News, he acted as if I were a conspiracy theorist. Actually I would say anyone who doesn’t suspect a political assassination, a murder with political motive, is painfully naïve. The question is really why the president has not ordered the FBI to take over the investigation from the D.C. Metropolitan Police. The truth is the president controls both entities, although he controls the D.C. Metropolitan Police indirectly perhaps. And it’s time for a real investigation. There’s no doubt in my mind if you look at it, the British diplomat ... Craig Murray has said that Rich was his contact and that Rich passed off documents to him in a floppy disk form that were handed off in a parking lot near American University. There’s no question in my mind that this guy was executed because he was blowing the whistle on Hillary Clinton and Debra Wasserman Schultz in their efforts to steal the nomination from Bernie [Sanders].


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