Roger Stone reaffirms his attacks on CNN’s Ana Navarro: “Let’s see if she celebrates my acquittal. ... Porquita”

Stone: “What qualifies her other than her ethnicity to comment on anything?”

From the February 12 edition of Infowars’ War Room:

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ROGER STONE (CO-HOST): I stand by my criticism of Ana Navarro. What qualifies her other than her ethnicity to comment on anything? She’s never elected anybody to any office. She’s the Republican strategist with no clients. Although if she’s a Republican, you could fool me. She’s a complete diva. She abuses waiters, doormen, cab drivers, hair people, makeup people -- as if she’s something special. And she’s nothing special. She’s 150 pounds of dung in a 75 pound bag. And you know, I don’t withdraw my criticism of her. It’s unfortunate. She is celebrating the fact that I’ve been jammed up by Mr. [Robert] Mueller. Let’s see if she celebrates my acquittal. No, I don’t withdraw my criticism of her at all. Porquita. I had it right the first time.

ROB DEW (INFOWARS NIGHTLY NEWS DIRECTOR): I’d say she is a little bit more gordita than porquita. But I guess that’s my own personal opinion.

STONE: Again, what’s interesting is that the Daily Mail writing off of Media Matters for America. Hey guys, nice to see you there, Media Matters. We know that you book every word that I say, or Rob says, or Alex Jones says. Fine, since they’ve taken us down from social media, it’s much tougher.

But look at that close-up of [CNN’s] Don Lemon saying Roger Stone’s arrest is very, very important. That’s just weird. Weird. And then the worst thing in the world, Rob, would be to be [Comedy Central’s] Trevor Noah, a comedian who’s not funny. How does a guy like that make a living? It’s really --

DEW: And he looks like Don Lemon, I mean they literally could be twins --

STONE: He could be Don Lemon’s little brother.


DEW: He’s not funny. None of these people are funny. Say that again.

STONE: He could be a Lemon drop. He could be Don Lemon’s little brother, there’s no question --

DEW: A little Lemon pooplet.

STONE: -- he’s not funny, it’s got to be the toughest job in the world.


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