Roger Stone Promises That WikiLeaks Release Will “Roil The Waters” And “Change The Whole Complexion Of The Race”

Trump Ally Stone Also Claims DNC Staffer Was Assassinated Because “He Knew Too Much”  

From the October 3 edition of WIOD’s Fernand Amandi Show:

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ROGER STONE: [WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange] also shed light on the murder of Seth Rich, the young Democratic National Committee employee who was shot three times in the back. Who Assange publicly identified as his source, essentially. Interesting that the same website that announces Assange isn’t going to drop anything goes on to say that there’s no reason to believe that Rich’s murder was anything but a botched robbery. Actually there’s no reason to believe it was a botched robbery. His wallet, his watch and his cash was untouched. This was an assassination because he knew too much. So yes, I think what Assange has will roil the waters, will change the whole complexion of the race.


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