Roger Stone Claims His “Photographic Analysis” Proves That Ted Cruz’s Father Was A “CIA Operative” Who Worked With Lee Harvey Oswald

From the January 11 edition of WABC’s The Drive at Five with Curtis Sliwa:

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ROGER STONE: In my upcoming book, The Making President 2016, I show you why it is not fake news and I make the case that Ted Cruz's father was indeed a CIA operative and was indeed in New Orleans. So that has yet to be adjudicated. You’re going to want to read this book. Why did Trump do that? That’s simple. It was published in the National Enquirer, the photograph that they published came from the Warren Commission report, federal government report on the Kennedy assassination, and I will show you using a lot of high technology photographic analysis that it is indeed Ted Cruz’s father.

CURTIS SLIWA: So Roger Stone, you actually believe there is enough documentary evidence to prove that what was said by then-candidate Donald Trump the day of the Indiana primary was in fact true? The National Enquirer story that Ted Cruz’s father, now an evangelical preacher, was working side by side with Lee Harvey Oswald?



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