Roger Stone: Antifa and Black Lives Matter “thugs” are going to be “clubbing” people in the suburbs to suppress voting

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Citation From the September 18, 2020, edition of The Eric Metaxas Radio Show

ROGER STONE: What I said was I urged [President Donald Trump] to use both Insurrection Act and declare martial law if there was overwhelming and blatant and flagrant evidence of election fraud -- as would be his legal right as the sitting president of the United States.

ERIC METAXAS (HOST): I mean it wouldn’t just be his legal right, it would really be his obligation, but the left is going try to spin it like Hitler after the Reichstag fire. 

STONE: Well, particularly if while bands of thugs are moving out of the urban areas into the suburban areas, clubbing people, robbing them, burning their homes, torching their cars, as they have announced that they will do. That would be unprecedented. But that is what BLM and antifa have in mind. So, the voter intimidation at the polls by armed thugs, no that’s not going to be coming from Trump supporters, or Proud Boys, or militia members, or Tea Parties or anyone I know. That’s a myth. The left always projects on you what they exactly are doing.